"They never let poor Rudolph play in any reindeer games!" That's too bad for Rudolph but the games on this page are for everyone!

Just a little side note before we get to today's content. How do you like the title on this page??? Cool huh? You can create these totally free at http://www.flashvortex.com/. You'll get an embed code and will be able to paste it on a wiki (obviously), blog, moodle, or web page.
GAMES!! Do you play games with your family over the holidays? Our favorite family games are farkle, euchre, Liverpool rummy, 31, happy, and Tripoli. I just asked Bill what he thought our favorite family games are. He doesn't think there's a general consensus among the five of us! Funny! Dane always wants to play monopoly and as soon as he says it we all groan! Sort of a tradition. I think he just likes to hear us in chorus! Taylor usually doesn't care what we play he just likes to play games! Jordan is certainly opinionated. Since she's the self-appointed princess (our only daughter!) it has to be her way! So after some grumbling we usually settle down and try to please everyone. (PIT does NOT please Bill.)

The games on our Countdown to Christmas wiki are games for our students. There are tons and tons of games online. I can't possibly put all the games on this wiki that you might use in one year's curriculum! But I can teach you how to fish! Here are three methods I use to find interactive games for students:

  • Google Search. Be specific. Ex. interactive games similes. I just tried that and got 428,000 hits. Guess it wasn't too specific!
  • Netrekker D.I. On the Kan-ed desktop (for Kansas educators) you'll find our subscription to Netrekker D.I. This educators' search engine will let you search according to grade level, subject area, and type of resources you're looking for, as in interactive games!
  • Portaportals. I know that not all of you have created your own portaportals. But for those of you have one, here's a GREAT secret! When you're editing your own portal, in the upper right hand side, you have a search bar. Type in interactive games! It searches other teachers' portals for links to interactive games (or anything else for that matter!). So you can find interactive games that have already been tried and recommended by other teachers. Whoo hoo!

Here are some games for you to check out!

BINGO - I love bingo! At Teach-nology you can create simple bingo cards. Enter 25 numbers, words, math problems, etc. and a bingo card will be generated. Print, reshuffle, print. Reshuffle, print. Continue until you have a variety of bingo cards for your students. View some of the samples at this site to spark a little creativity! To get very sophisticated with bingo cards you'll have to upgrade on teach-nology ($$$).
Here's another site that generates bingo cards - this one looks a little more like real bingo. It too has an upgrade for more advanced features. http://print-bingo.com/
Personal Educational Press http://www.educationalpress.org/
Here's my blog post on bingo. If you want my Newbery Bingo cards just let me know and I'll get them to you!
I like to make my own bingo cards by using a table in Pages. This way I can add graphics or make them exactly like I want them. It takes some time to mix them all up and print them. Print them on card stock and store them in baggies!


Do a google search (bingo card generators) to find more sites that will generate bingo cards!

Jigzone - who doesn't love to be snuggled in a nice warm house in the winter time with a jigsaw puzzle? JigZone is an online Jigsaw Puzzle where you choose the level of difficulty from a simple 6 piece cut to a challenging 247 piece cut. I just completed the puzzle of the day. Took me 10 minutes! Can you beat that? I'm sure you can! Save the puzzle and use it as a story starter, turn into a math word problem, or add it to your bulletin board. It's also possible to put your puzzles in your blog, in a wiki, or on a web page! You can even upload your own photos and make a puzzle. Don't forget that you can also do that on Big Huge Labs.

Sudoku - There are several games at this site from easy to hard. Sudoku is great thinking and math game!

Teampedia -Tools for Teams WOW!!!Teampedia is a collaborative encyclopedia of free team building activities, free icebreakers, teamwork resources, and tools for teams that anyone can edit!

Zoopz.com Games that make you think!

Games Central - there are lots of educational games here!

Fun Brain - This has been one of my favorites for years! You'll find math and language arts games for many different levels. You can't go wrong with Fun Brain!

Interactive Websites for PreK - 12 - WOW, this is a great list!!!!

http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2009/10/35-educational-games-and-games.html A great list of educational games.

If you know of other sites with games of educational value for students, please add them here!

These were shared by Cindi through the discussion forum! Thanks Cindi.
Sheppard's Software

Game Classroom

Jeopardy! Jeopardy Labs allows lets you create you own Jeopardy game or you can play some that already are there! You just have to keep yourself the old fashion way- pens and pencils! Jeopardy Labs

Paige Savage, DED318, KSU

Incredible Art StuffScreen_shot_2009-12-07_at_11.49.19_AM.png
Ilka Shook, KSU DED 318

physicsgames.net Joyce Tuckwood - There are over 50 games on this website. All ages love these games.

Brain Games