Christmas cards? You haven't written any yet? Need a little help? Here you go! Here's a site with printable Christmas cards! AND it even tells you how to make your own envelope!
1-2-3 Print Cards
Actually there are many sites with printable Christmas cards. Just do a search for FREE printable Christmas cards!

Today's topic is not really printable Christmas cards. It's actually 'foldables.' Christmas cards are foldables right? Honestly, I couldn't think of a title to go with foldables, so this is as close I could get. I know, once again, it's kind of a stretch! :) But I will say, I love making my own envelopes. You can print the address, the return address, and add a cute little design or graphic on each one! Have your students make their own envelopes and cards for thank yous during second semester. You know the Jolly Postman books right? I always thought it would be a super project for kids to write books similar to those using their own envelopes and matching stationary. I believe there's a site where students can even design stamps! O la la, this is starting to come together!


Now to the foldables!

Pocket Mods - these are such cool little books and they keep adding templates for them. I just noticed the battleship page! Sudoku, mazes, music staffs, lined pages! These are great little foldables for taking notes, for cheat sheets (conversions, formulas, etc), and for keeping track of daily food intake and your finances! Students will love these little books! Make a book of games for each student to use during transition time. (Let them do the folding!!) This site includes a video tutorial and instructions for folding the books.

Fantastic Flexible Foldables - Wow, plan on spending some time on this site!
The first book listed is a mini book - much like the Pocket Mods. You can download the fraction mini book as an aid in learning mixed numbers. There's also one on multiples and factors! This might just lead your creative mind to more education uses of mini books! Better yet, have your students make mini study guides on various topics!


Let's take a walk down memory lane here. Remember those silly folded papers that your friends (maybe you) made where you pick a guys name, pick how many kids you want to have, where you want to live, etc. etc.??? Then you gave your favorite number between 1 and 4, and the creator did a little chant with the number, moving the foldable several times, and voila, predicted your future. Now YOU can make them (I never knew how to fold them!) yourself and even use classroom content! No predicting students' futures! Take a look at the sample one on factors! Your students are going to love this, just like we loved them in 4th grade!

Virginia Studies - Cool Stuff in VA
Review Activities Using Foldables- here's a great mix of foldables for geography and social studies.

U.S. History Foldables
Engaging students with foldables in US History to 1877.

Catawba County Schools
This has lots and lots of pictures of foldables.

Mini-books, Flaps, and Student Folder Websites
Ok, this is where I quit. Once you get to this site you'll see tons of links to other foldable sites! So it looks like, someone has already done this job for me! Wow, this is great! ENJOY!!!