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He's Making a List, Checking It Twice . . .


Santa is making his list a little differently this year. In 2009 it is in the form of a WORDLE, or a word cloud. Did you make it on Santa's 'good' list this year?

When you arrive on the wordle site, click on CREATE. Where it says to Paste in a Bunch of Text, type in the names of your students. The more times a word is added to a wordle, the larger the word appears. Julie, Nancy, and Randy's names are the largest in this wordle because their names were added three times. Some of the other names were added twice with the smallest names only added once. Then click go and your word cloud will be created!

Now experiment with the font, layout, and colors. You really have several choices in how your wordle looks!

The best option you have for saving the wordle is to take a screen shot of it (Apple/Option/4). Other choices are to save it

as a PDF (File/Print/PDF) and/or save it to the gallery. In our district the gallery

is blocked so that really isn't an option. I don't like the way the wordle looks in a PDF so that's why I said taking a screen shot of it is the best option.

That's all really pretty cool, now try this. Go to Wordle again and create a new wordle. Instead of typing in text, search for a primary source document, like the Declaration of Independence, copy the text, and paste it. Click on go. The words that are used the most are the largest. What is the theme of the Declaration of Independence?


Look under Language. You see several options: upper case, lower case, remove numbers, remove common foreign w

ords. But look at the very last item in the list. Show Word Count. You can see how many times each word was used in this document!

  • Use the tilde to keep words together in the wordle. Ex. United~States

  • After creating the wiki, choose Colors/Edit Custom Palette. Click on each of the 4 colors to choose from a great variety

of colors.
  • Have students type their words in Pages and save the document. Then copy/paste the list into Wordle. In Pages students will be able to do a spell check AND they'll have a copy of their words just in case Wordle doesn't work correctly. Occasionally when making a wordle you get a cup of Java instead of a Wordle! Ugh, so just in case that happens you'll have a copy of the text in another application.
  • Instructions for Making Wordle Safe in the Classroom These instructions are for the systems administrator so that the gallery is blocked so students will not be exposed to inappropriate wordles.
  • Bob Sprankle has a video tutorial of wordle on his blog. Be sure to read the comments as several teachers have responded with ideas on using wordle in the classroom.

Classroom Connections

  • Novel. Have students create a wordle on the novel they are reading. Name the main characters, the setting, the theme, an event, the author, etc.
  • Guess the Wordle by Jenuinetech. This is one of my favorites! Jen has made a wordle for each day.

Monday's Wordle will be easy. All the words will have ONE thing in common. Wednesday's Wordle will be a bit more complex. All the words will have TWO things in common. Friday's Wordle will be the most difficult. All the words will have THREE things in common.

  • Tuesday's Wordle will be the date of a famous event in world history. Thursday's Wordle will be the title of a book, poem, song, fable, etc.
  • Why Wordle - Tech & Learning Blog - there are many comments from teach

ers near the bottom of this blog full of great ideas!
  • Introduce a Unit. When introducing a new unit, show a wordle with key words on the topic. The wordle can be a springboard to find out prior knowledge on the topic. Or have the students create a wordle on the topic you're getti

ng ready to study to check their prior knowledge.

esident's speeches.

  • Obama's STEM Speech (created by fsinfo on Plurk)


  • Spelling Lists - Change it up a little and give the students a word cloud instead of a spelling list!
  • Unit Vocabulary words
  • Skills Workshop Blog several creative ideas for usin

g wordle.

Another Word Cloud Tool: WORD SIFT

Oh, you're going to like this one! Very simple to use! This connects to Visual Thesaurus which is great for help with understanding word meaning. It also connects with Images and videos which might be inappropriate. With a filter, hopefully they won't be too bad. Just give it a try before you use it with students.

I Have A Dream

Add your examples of wordles here! Put the title or description in the caption.

Prepositional Phrases

Famous Couples - Can you match them?

Gwen Bartlett - The Night Before Christmas - Clement C. Moore

Summer 2009 Technology Workshop with Cyndi at KSU

Rachel Osterhaus, KSU "My Passion"


Aman da Brummer, KSU, Christmas, DED 318

Danielle Winkler, DED318, KSU



lyrics to "Jingle Bells" - Kelly Hemeyer, Kansas State University

Amber Young-K SU-Lyrics to "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer"
Emily Gehrt, KSU

Monica Holthaus, KSU Lyrics to Stanta Claus is Comin' to Town.Tamra Mueller-K-State

Tamra Mueller-K-State


Kayln Hoppe, KSU

Aubrie Adams, KSU, DED 318 "Joy to the World"


Insert Images and Files
Insert Images and Files
Aubrie Adams, KSU, DED 318 "Joy to the World"
Aubrie Adams, KSU, DED 318 "Joy to the World"

Jenny Deneault KSU

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Suzanne Cocke KSU

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external image Screen%20shot%202009-12-03%20at%202.26.16%20PM.png



Jillian Skach, KSU DED 318 *Christmas One Below*

Paige Savage, KSU, DED318, Silent Night lyrics

Alex Hirbe DED318