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December always brings lots of wishes! I wish it would snow. I wish it wouldn't snow. I wish I could get this or that for Christmas. I wish I could go to grandma's house for Christmas. I wish you a Merry Christmas! I wish, I wish, I wish!


I grew up the youngest of 6 children in a 2-story house on a farm in Indiana. We had a basement but it wasn't a place you ever wanted to go to, I guess it would be more appropriate to call it a cellar. It smelled damp and was rather dark and cold. There were only a handful of

reasons why we might go to the cellar. #1. Tornado warning. #2. To hang up winter coats on the nails at the top of the stairs and put boots away. #3. To write on the wall. Yep, mom was a neat, tidy housekeeper and expected us to follow suit, but we did have a writing wall at the top of the basement stairs! Really, we could actually write on the wall! We could write anything we wanted knowing full well that EVERYONE in the house would be reading it. So . . . it was public. "I love Jeff!" "Jane & Mike sitting in a tree . . ." You know how that one goes don't you? "Knightstown Panthers are the BEST!" We LOVED that wall. We drew pictures, we wrote our names in fun fonts (we didn't know that was what they were called!), we slammed each other (typical siblings!), and wrote mom sweet notes (Roses are red . . . none of us were very original)! If I could go back to when my kids were young, I'd have a writing wall for them! Well, now ALL kids can have a writing wall with this cool web 2.0 tool

called Wall Wisher!

The Wall

Assignment is toward the bottom.
On this site, you will be able to leave a prompt on the wall and have your students respond to it in 160 characters or less by leaving a sticky note on the wall. Of course, they can always add more sticky notes if necessary. They can link to a website, add a photo, add audio (see Vocaroo below) and even add a link to a video. Everything that goes into the sticky note must have a URL . So to use a Google image go to the URL for that image - no downloading. Use the link to a YouTube video or SchoolTube video. Or add a link to a website. Just explore a little and you'll soon have this tool conquered.

Step 1. Login. Your students don't have to login at all. But you should login so that you have an account all set up. There's a couple of perks to being logged in. If you already have a Google account, you can log in with that. Just make sure you click on the Google tab.
Step 2. Build your wall. You'll find this in the upper right hand corner of your wall.

Step 3. Enter your name (this can be a shortened name) and email address. (See picture below)
Step 4. Choose Wall URL. Do not use spaces. Ex.
Step 5. Who can view & who can post sticky notes. If you choose Only Me, then this becomes a wall just for YOU. Kind of like putting sticky notes on your fridge. To use this with your students though you want to leave both of these set on Everyone.
Step 6. I want to approve every post before it shows up on the wall. If you are using your wall with your students (especially if you're not sure they are real trustworthy), you might want to check this. That way you will see the message before anyone else sees it.


Step 7. Choose a theme.

Step 8. In the top left hand side of the wall click on 'Click here to edit title.' Right below that you can put a subtitle.
Step 9. If you'd like to add an icon to your wall, click on 'Click to select image.' You have a few icons to choose from.
Step 10. Click Done! That's it! Your wall is now ready for the sticky notes.

You will give the URL that you created in Step 4 to your students or anyone that you want to participate. You might want to try this with your extended family members first. Send them the URL. Your writing prompt might be, "Where do you want to spend Christmas?" Or "What do you want for Christmas?" All they have to do is double click on the wall and a sticky note pops up. Participants will not have to log in. They will have 160 characters to use. Since they are not registered the sticky note will say from 'Anonymous'. You'll have to ask them to add their name to the note.

Classroom Connections:

  • The teacher could leave the lesson plans on the wall for a class. Have several different sticky notes. One will be an audio file explaining the lesson for the day.

Another sticky will have a Discovery Streaming video for the students o watch. How cool is that? (See instructions below.) Another sticky might have a link to a website with an interactive math game.

  • How about an ongoing story. The teacher could start the story (remember only 160 characters) and another student add to it. Each student should number their sticky note so the order is obvious. Sticky notes can also be moved around on the page so they could be put in a row across the page.

  • Start a wall on figurative language. Have your students add a sticky note with an example of an idiom or a simile or metaphor.
  • Take a poll. Ask students to recommend the next read aloud book.
  • Write the beginning of a creative sentence and have each student finish the sentence. It's true that they can see what each other has written, but sometimes that means more creativity. Sometimes seeing other people's work is a good thing!
  • Start with a prompt and ask students to finish it with a prepostional phrase, or with a couple of adjectives, or with whatever parts of speech you're studying.

  • A vocabulary wall. You could put their vocabulary words on the wall for a science unit. You could even link to a dictionary entry for each word or to a visual. Add a photo that describes the word.

How to add a Discovery Streaming video to a sticky note on Wall Wisher: Login to Discovery Streaming - you must have a paid subscription. Find the video you want to share with your students. Under the video there's a share tab. Click on share and it will give you the URL to copy. Paste it into your sticky note on Wall Wisher.

Other Wallwishers:

Vocaroo - Adding Audio

Now don't get stressed here with information overload! I wasn't going to put Vocaroo here but it works so amazingly beautiful with Wall Wisher. It really is a very simple tool and can be used in a number of ways. Let's just look at using it here with Wall Wisher.
Click here to go to Vocaroo.

  • See where it says 'Click to Record'? Well, click to record. :)
  • It will ask to ALLOW your computer microphone to be used. YES! You must allow that in order for it to work.
  • Record.
  • Click to stop.

Now listen to your recording. If necessary record it again.
  • Under the recording, click post on the Internet.
  • Copy the Vocaroo link.
  • Now come back to your wall on Wall Wisher.
  • Double click on the wall to get a sticky note.
  • Paste the link in the sticky note where it says http:. Now be careful here that you don't have that part in 2 times. I usually just delete the one that is there.
  • Click on OK. That's it!
  • Now click on View on your sticky note and you should hear your recording! Is that awesome?

Classroom Connections for Vocaroo:

  • Record a student reading a poem. Save it to your blog or wiki or web pages, or even Moodle
  • Record instructions and put them on your blog or wiki. Yeh, you won't have to repeat them!!!
  • Record letter sounds for younger students so they can hear them again and again!
  • Have students record themselves reading. Great for reading fluency!
  • Give a book talk and add it to a blog or wiki or web pages.

Assignment for Day 2.

Go to my Wall for Countdown to Christmas.

Add your own sticky. You have 160 characters to tell us where you're from and what you teach. Then be creative on what you add - maybe an audio recording of your students singing a Christmas song, a YouTube video of a Christmas memory, a snowy scene, etc. etc. You know, students LOVE it when we give them choices rather than telling them exactly what to do! I hope you do too!

If you'd like to add a vocaroo to our wiki, go right ahead. Add it here! Please say your name.

(You'll add it like you did the Voki. Get the html code under the vocaroo you just recorded. Edit this page. Go to the blue icon that is the embed widget. Choose other HTML and paste in the code and Save.)//